Our solutions for the digital acquisition of new customers are as diverse as our client portfolio.

As experts in performance marketing, we know where and how to reach your potential customers to position your message within earshot, always relying on the right instinct. To this end, Cooper meticulously analyzes your business sector and develops legally certain tailor-made marketing campaigns based on our own data, making use of our profound experience to broke and generate current and highly qualified leads for your business sector. With a mix of fresh ideas and best-practice strategies, we measurably expand your market shares and strengthen your company’s success sustainably.

Solutions and Services

Fresh ideas join local expertise

Our solutions and services promote your marketing objectives with a country-specific portfolio of products and services, pairing best-practice lead generation strategies and direct marketing instruments with fresh ideas and local expertise.


To encourage new customer potentials to interact, Cooper applies various activating and creative strategies with a viral effect to deliver a large volume of highly qualified leads.


  • Co-sponsoring
  • Co-registration: lifestyle surveys and special interest
  • Voucher marketing
  • Opt-in: obtain marketing consent

Email marketing

Target group-oriented email marketing with qualified high-quality leads is a powerful tool for retaining existing customers and convincing new customers of your business concept.


  • Stand-alone emailing (CPM, CPC, CPL, CPX, audience targeting)
  • Outsourcing of email list management and monetization
  • Outsourcing of campaign management
  • Newsletter creation
  • Profiling
  • Post-qualification
  • Customer reactivation

SMS marketing

How can new customers be approached despite different personal communication channels? Cooper meets this challenge with creative SMS marketing strategies.


  • Text messages
  • Push notifications

Telephone marketing

Telephone marketing is an effective way of targeting new customers, relying on their willingness to receive personal consultation. At Cooper we already support our customers in advance.


  • Pre-qualification over the phone
  • Explicit customer consent to B2C contact
  • Network of partner call centers

Lead generation – FAQ

What is a lead?

A “lead” is the data set of a qualified interested party who is interested in a company or product and leaves their contact details with the advertiser on their own initiative for the purpose of establishing further contact. Such an interested party is very likely to turn into a customer

What is lead generation?

This term comes from direct marketing and describes the process of winning interested parties, including all actions needed to ensure that potential customers show an interest in a certain product, service or company. One of the core tasks during the acquisition of new customers is generating high-quality leads, i.e. identifying new interested parties with inclinations or interests matching a certain product and/or company.

Which issues does it solve?

In times of ever-growing competitive pressure, professional email marketing is considered the most promising way of approaching a target group, in order to reach potential future customers who are really interested in the company, service and/or products, keeping the scatter loss as low as possible. Collecting qualified customer data at the same time opens up the opportunity to maximize sales or even develop completely new sales channels in such an exact and specific way that it can create an impressive investment-benefit ratio for you.

How can the quality be identified?

The quality of the generated leads stands out due to the correctness and currency of the contact details, the fact that they are left to the advertiser voluntarily and deliberately, and a real interest on the side of the potential customer in the respective product or company.

What does B2C stand for?

The term B2C stands for business-to-consumer. This refers to the business relation and communication between a company and a private person as the consumer.

What does B2B stand for?

The term B2B stands for business-to-business. This refers to the business relation and communication between two companies.


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